During the pandemic I was driving home one night from my moms house and I herd God say “Pebbles, I need you to pay attention when I speak to you”

You know when someone tells you something and your like “oooookaaaaaayyyyyy…….

That was me lol. Immediately the next day I was writing in my journal and I herd “You need to start a blog”

I just kept writing. Then God said “Your not paying attention. Its me telling you this, Pebbles! I took my pen and I wrote “Lord if you really want me to start a blog then I want two confirmations. I always ask God for two confirmations.

Exactly a day later I was being my silly self on snap chat and one of my cousins wrote me “Omg cousin, you need to start a blog!! I think my eyes popped out of my head when I read that lol!

So that was one confirmation and the second one came not to long after that. I was listening to a sermon from redefine tv on youtube and the preacher said “You need to get excited about the blog!

After that I was wowed. I just knew this was my agenda. Okay Lord so I guess I’m gonna start a blog…. I read blogs and love them but I have no idea where to began. Well I just started Listening to videos on youtube and I started reading blogs and getting ideas from there.

I had no idea what I would name the blog or where to start so I just let Jesus take the wheel on all of that. I really felt like God took my hands and birthed the whole thing. everything just flowed. I thought about the name from my highest inspiration Havilah Cunnington. She has a bible study named ‘Eat, pray, hustle. I Thought what if I named the blog something like that… I played around with it and came up with Love dream Hustle. Love, because love is number one. Love is everything and love always wins. Dream because I just love the word dream and dream because dreaming is so so so important for us. Hustle because we have to hustle for everything. We hustle for our faith, our parenting, our marriage, our goals and so much more.

This is how it was all born and I always pray before every post and I will not post unless I am moved to do so. Every post is God breathed!

Here is where healing, breakthrough and revelation knowledge will take place so get ready to for some ah ha moments!

Enjoy ♥️

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