A journey I’ll never forget

I seen my friend Maureen go on a beautiful hike with water falls and streams up in the mountains. Something I always think about doing. Now that my kids are big enough we decided let’s go!

So we packed up and headed out. We put the name of the place in our gps and it brought us a whole hour completely out of the way. When we got there it brought us to a house in a neighborhood. Talk about a downer. We were so frustrated. We looked again at the address and googled the exact name of the stream and tried again. Now it said a whole hour again to get to our location! But we didn’t complain, we just went for it.

Now we’re getting close. We’re in the mountains and the drive is beautiful. I love the mountains. Now as we’re getting closer the roads are getting smaller and windier. We knew we were getting close. All of a sudden the toad turns into a dirt road and by this time we started scratching our heads haha! We were thinking “oh lord are we going the right way? Are we lost again? This doesn’t look right. How can a beautiful steam be around here? We don’t see where water can be anywhere. But we looked at our gps and it said two miles away so we trusted the route and kept going. Now the roads are just getting harder to drive on. Super bumpy and twisty. Now they’re getting narrow. So narrow That the two lane road became a one lane only. There was two cars driving ahead of us that turned around. You could tell that they were thinking “forget this! This is to hard, we’re Turing around. You know when you see someone quit you get the thought “well should we quit? Maybe we should turn around too. I mean we had our little kids with us. Nope! We kept going.

We finally started to see cars parked on the sides of the road and we knew we made it but still it didn’t look like this was going to be a nice place and where is the water?! We found a parking spot and walked over the little hill and there is was! Wow! We all seen what we been hoping for and after that crazy drive we have arrived and it was worth it all. We could not believe our eyes. It was the most beautiful place that I have ever been to.

We walked down and got walked straight in the water. This place was smack in the middle of the mountains with trees and rocks. The sun was shining on the water and looked like glitter. The water was crystal clear. You would look down and see little fish swimming everywhere! If you have never Swam in mountain water I suggest you do so. It is the most refreshing experience you will ever have. The water even tasted delicious lol. When we was there in the water and I was looking around I was thinking “There has to places like this in heaven! There is just something about being in Gods creation.

We swam and relaxed in the water and we brought out our little snacks that we brought. We kept it very simple. I just brought a pack of ham and cheese and some crackers and chips and pickles. It was delicious and fulfilling. Sometimes we over do it with food and that day I told myself to just keep it simple and don’t stress. I packed only one backpack. Sometimes when we over do it with bringing lots of things with us on trips it just brings stress on you and half the time you don’t use all what you packed anyway. Keep it simple my friend! You will see how much more you’ll enjoy your time 🙂

One thought on “A journey I’ll never forget

  1. Haha! I love this ! It’s always worth the journey to get to those amazing destinations .. you’re right just like life .. and we continue to trust his direction ❤️❤️

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