13 years of love 🤍

It’s our anniversary and we all know what that means…. An excuse to have a little getaway.

Yay! I cherish all of mine and chuy’s time together and the different places we always go. This year we really wanted to back to Napa but due to COVID it is still not open. So I used my creative juices and started thinking and I thought of this place I always had in the back of my mind. Arden hills country club and spa in Fair Oaks California. This country club is definitely what I call a hidden gem. It’s perfect for a nice place for you and your hubby to escape and what’s awesome is the scenery makes you feel like your in Italy!

I was always was a little sketchy of a bed and breakfast but this was a definite game changer. As we walked in I knew that this was something elegant. This was called the villa on the property and it was like a mini mansion. It had five different suits in it. We stood in the Portifino suite. There was only one other couple staying in the villa as well so it was very peaceful. With your stay you get a private chef that cooks a beautiful fresh breakfast for you in the morning. We checked in on Friday and headed straight to the pool!

After a nice evening dip we headed back to our room got ready and went out to get our favorite ice cream “icicles rolled ice cream” We were in line and I felt someone tapping on my shoulder! I turned around and to my surprise it was one of my besties Yolanda and her boyfriend Xavier. It was so crazy that we ran into these two because we just love hanging with them. There is just something about having a couple that you spend time with that your so comfortable to be around and that you can just be your crazy self. Well that’s how it is when us four get together. We had our ice creams and of course my funny friend yo told me they were going to get sushi after. Only Yolanda would get dessert before dinner haha! She told us this place Arigatos sushi was the best sushi ever and let me tell you, she wasn’t lying. We got sesame chicken, yummy yummy roll, lion king roll and stuffed jalapeños! THE BEST! This food was something you’ll never forget. The spicy mayo dip was 100 like Xavier said. So delicious and it was so fun. We ate in the parking lot on our tailgate. We hung out for about 3 hours in that parking lot and let me tell you, it was no coincidence. This was what you call a Devine appointment from our Lord! Earlier on this day Xavier was telling us that he told God “if your real, give me a sign” later that evening he ran into Chuy and I. Just look at how fast God showed himself to him. Xavier always tells us that he loves being around chuy and I and that good things start happening after hanging with us. When you put God first in your life it affects people that surround you. I always say that we are blessed to be a blessing. We ministered to our sweet friends and it they were just blown away. It was all confirmation. God has big plans for them two and I’m so excited to watch all the glory of God just fall on them and their family.

The next day we had to run to target to buy toiletries which we forgot. As we we’re driving we spotted yard sales everywhere. If you know me yard sales are my jam. We went to four yard sales! Lol. I bought a nice outdoor table for my backyard and some cute country style dishes and some mason jars. My husband is so patient with me and I’m so thankful for that. He enjoys making me happy and I really felt God winking at us this whole weekend. After our morning errands we went back to the pool and swam all day. We made some nice friends there and we got inspired of course. You should always look for inspiration wherever you go! Where you are and who you are is what you will attract in your life! We met this nice lady and some other people that were members of the club that sat next to us at the pool. They were talking to us about their children who attend the private school jesuite across the street and listening to them talk about investments and how they use the pool to exercise and how they travel the world. It was so inspiring.

After a day pool side we got ready for dinner. We went to the steak house, High Steaks in Thunder Vally Casino. We met up with Yolanda and Xavier and they blessed us and bought our dinner. I felt so special for this blessing. When people do this it’s just huge to me and I pray back a manifold return on their giving. Dinner was delicious. We ate filet mignon Oscar style with garlic mashed potatoes and balsamic infused Brussels sprouts. We got chocolate lava cake and crème brûlée for dessert.

I’m thankful for another year and many more years to come with the love of my life. It’s so important to get away with just you and your spouse. When you go it’s like a recharge or a reboot and makes you feel energised. About four years ago I made a request to God. (Philippians 4) I prayed that every time Chuy and I would want to get away that we would always have a sitter. My mother n law And father n law is always available for us. God never ceases to amaze me. He comes through for us every time. I’m thankful for my mother n law and father n law for always being there for us.

Cheers to love and marriage and making new memories 🤍

5 thoughts on “13 years of love 🤍

  1. Hey Pebbs it’s me Gabby. Just found your blog and think it’s so cool. It’s so inspiring! happy Anniversary cuz and that place you went looks so beautiful!

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  2. Happy Anniversary to you guys looks like a very relaxing place , I bet your really enjoyed your getaway , you and Chuy are truly blessed , may God continue to speak to you on your blogs

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  3. Beautiful ,beautiful , beautiful!!! Your trip , your words, , just you , I live reading your words , I hear your voice in my head like if your next to me , I admire your personality, your genuine in all you do , keep growing , keep inspireing us all , happy anniversary to some of my favs …. love you guys ❤️😘

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